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Two-star treatment for the west side

By Emma Tolbert I’m a resident of Ensley.  I didn’t grow up there- I bought my first home there at age 28 and moved there...

Bethesda Life Center offers array of wellness programs

Special to The Times The name for Bethesda Life Center, located in Ensley, was inspired by two passages from the Gospel of John. “Bethesda” (meaning...

Ensley Renaissance Festival: Business owners say rebirth is more than hype

By Keisa Sharpe Alabama NewsCenter A renaissance is underway in Ensley. On Saturday, Aug. 20, through periods of rain and sunshine, steady crowds came out to purchase...

Ensley High School grad an accomplished Hollywood actor

  By Chanda Temple Birmingham City Schools     Ensley High School graduate Yohance Myles is an accomplished Hollywood actor with appearances in the CW network's "Containment" and the AMC network's "...