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Jefferson County Seeks Public Input for Comprehensive Community Plan

By Ryan Michaels The Birmingham Times For the first time in 15 years, residents in unincorporated areas can have a say in a Jefferson County Comprehensive...

Southern Research Secures $20 Million for Clinical Trial Initiative

dcwins.com Southern Research is using $20 million in state ARPA funds to expand Alabamians’ access to clinical research trials and promote the growth of the...

Birmingham Receives Federal Assistance to Improve Drainage Systems

The Birmingham Times Pictures and videos of flooding on Birmingham’s city streets earlier this year were startling. In one instance, firefighters reported more than 20...

Birmingham To Get Lit With Millions For New Interstate Lighting

By Ryan Michaels The Birmingham Times Birmingham and Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) officials this week announced a plan to fix interstate lighting throughout the city...

Edelman: Now it’s time to invest in our other infrastructure

By Marian Wright Edelman This week, President Joe Biden signed legislation a bipartisan infrastructure bill, providing long-awaited vital investments in buildings, roads, bridges, utilities, broadband,...