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The Demise of Birmingham’s Once Powerful Neighborhood Associations

By Ryan Michaels The Birmingham Times When Birmingham City Councilor J.T. Moore first moved into the South Woodlawn neighborhood with his wife, Alycia, in 2013, he...

East Birmingham: Woodlawn Recognized as Among the Best in the Nation

By Ryan Michaels The Birmingham Times When Jason Avery attended his first meeting of the Woodlawn Neighborhood Association (NA) in 2004 he wasn't afraid to speak...

West Birmingham: Bush Hills Builds Healthier Community With Area Partners

By Ryan Michaels The Birmingham Times In one west Birmingham community, residents have put together Bush Hills Connections, a nonprofit organization to pool resources and forge...

“I had to go and kiss the rings in various neighborhoods....

-Steven Hoyt, former Birmingham City Councilor on the waning influence of Neighborhood Associations, The Birmingham Times, Sept 28.