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Children’s of Alabama Launches Pediatric Health Blog for Parents, Caregivers and Teachers


ChildrensBIRMINGHAM  – Children’s of Alabama recently launched one of the state’s first fully pediatric health care blogs entitled Instructions Not Included.
Instructions Not Included – so named because  every parent knows children don’t come with an instructions manual – is designed for caregivers (parents, grandparents, caregivers and teachers) featuring posts from Children’s of Alabama experts, physicians, local parents and more. Posts will feature medical news, health information, research innovations and perspectives from clinicians and hospital staff. Topics will range from general health and wellness to advocacy, safety and public health and safety issues. Weekly articles will discuss the evolving world of healthcare and provide insight into health topics many families may be tentative to discuss. Readers can have their questions answered and are invited to share opinions on what they want from their doctors and healthcare providers.
The blog can be found via link on Children’s website at www.childrensal.org (under “Featured Links”) or directly at http://childrensalblog.org.
“We encourage community participation and topic suggestions,” said Amy Dabbs, Children’s Digital Communications Coordinator. “We are excited to be able to share some of the resources we have with the public in this new and creative way.”
Those interested in making submissions may contact Dabbs through the blog or call 205-638-6660. She also said Children’s will use the blog to answer questions from the health care community, public and employees. The Instructions Not Included blog is the most recent addition to the hospital’s social media efforts, which also include Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Readers are encouraged to engage by sharing posts on their own social media sites and commenting on blog entries. An RSS feed option is also available so readers can subscribe and receive real time updates.