Fulfilling the Truth

Electra AdamsI was engaged in a conversation with my daughter who is employed by a local bank. Exhausted from all of the events discussed in a meeting that day, she could only say,“Things are changing so rapidly that all I can say is that it is that end of times thing.” I thought to myself, That’s a statement you don’t hear very often, especially from young people. I tossed it about in my mind for a moment and thought, “Hum, the days are getting shorter and darker as the fall season progresses. Prophetically speaking, though, the days are getting shorter (for God promised to shorten the days) and darker (our time is faced with horrific challenges, so much so that they challenge the minds of those who pose as spiritual beings) as the end of days for modern humanity come to a close.
I do not know how you see it, but let’s just look at some signs of this fulfilling truth spoken of by Jesus… Matthew 24:4…Take heed that no (man) deceive you. For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ (I am anointed); and shall deceive many. We have been flooded with messages of prosperity, name it and claim it, and building great buildings  \instead of building great people of integrity and faith beyond things; faith in a hard time, persecution, facing death, conquering evil in our time and the likes. Even now, deception works a mighty work in the house of our God and is becoming bolder as time continues. It is an absolute truth that the Word of God has been craftily handled, and ignorantly preached. The deception Jesus warns the church of lies in the core of church…for many will come in my name…and shall deceive many. We must be careful how we hear what we hear!
Traveling this summer I took note of this wave of values and teaching in today’s church. Most young people told me that they were looking for a church that they might have fun and a good time. They sated that they were not looking for anyone that talked about sin, scrutinizing them. When I listened to what was being preached, I found leaders assuring people that the term evil must be defined accurately (and this is true), for that which was once preached as evil was the will of God, therefore, it was good. (Isaiah declared that they will call evil good and good evil); and because of grace, everyone will live eternally with Jesus our lord. A second point being declared was, man will never be perfectly flawless. Therefore, God, knowing that circumstances develop that denies humans the strength or ability to forgive, should he die with un-forgiveness in his heart, he will enter eternal life with Christ. Well, the doctrine of one world church will declare that also. Here are some scriptures to ponder until next week: I John 3:10, 14; Matthew 6:12-15.
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We are in that time, be careful what you hear.