Men’s Basketball Participates in Walk to School Day

Walk to School Day photoMONTGOMERY – While the Alabama State University men’s basketball team is busy preparing for the start of practice, they took time out Wednesday to participate in the national “Walk to School Day” program.
Several members of the team traveled to four different schools in the Montgomery area; Morningview, Wares Ferry, Floyd and Carver Elementary Schools.
Head Coach Lewis Jackson has the program involved in many community service opportunities over the course of the season and this was the latest they participated in.
“We were able to spread out over four schools and get involved in the “Walk to School” day with several elementary schools,” Jackson said.  “The players were excited about being able to go out and walk the kids to the school and you could tell the elementary students had a good time. They made up signs and held them while we walked.”
“We actually would go out and meet the students at a certain place and walk them to the school and it was usually around two blocks.”
Wendell Lewis is a graduate student on the Hornets’ team this season and this is the first community service project he has been a part of at ASU and it was an enjoyable time for him.
“I enjoy being with the kids and to walk with them and being in that environment,” Lewis said. “It was something new for me that I had not done before. Being out there talking with the kids and playing with them and then walking them to school and getting to meet the parents was good and I really enjoyed it and it was fun to me.”
ASU will continue to participate in community service projects as time allows. The team is getting closer and closer to their first practice which happens Oct. 17 with Late Night Madness.