Alabama State Softball Executing Situational Plays

Newcomer Carly Evans stretches out at first base for a throw from right field in practice.
Newcomer Carly Evans stretches out at first base for a throw from right field in practice.

Oftentimes, a close softball game can be determined by which team executes the critical situational play.
Whether it’s a well-placed bunt, an effective hit-and-run, or a much-needed sacrifice fly that gets in an insurance run, it can be those types of subtle plays that collectively add up toward giving a team a lift to victory.
Since Alabama State softball coach Chris Steiner-Wilcoxson knows the value of executing such plays, she ensured that the team would spend plenty of time fine-tuning those scenarios.
Steiner-Wilcoxson added that the Lady Hornets have worked hard in practice in three of the previous four days as players continued to get comfortable manning their positions, improving communication and getting down the muscle memory on making plays in the field.
“I think they are great kids who are really good competitors,” Steiner-Wilcoxson said. “They want to get better. They want to work. These kids have heart and they are hungry.  And, that feeds into us. As hungry as they are, it makes us hungrier as coaches and we want to give them every opportunity to fill their desires and goals. They want to put Alabama State on the map.”
With just 17 days before the season opener now and five tournaments scheduled over the course of the first four weeks of the season, the coaching staff has also focused on getting the players’ stamina up for the long haul.
“We need to build up our endurance to last more than one game at a time,” Steiner-Wilcoxson said. “We held a scrimmage that went well on Monday so it’s really been about building our stamina, our strength and going over situational plays to get game ready.”
Alabama State opens the season with two games scheduled in the Troy Tournament on Feb. 6.
The Lady Hornets will play Buffalo at noon and will follow with a game against North Florida at 5 p.m.