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Tiffany Nabors
Compiled by Erica Wright

Next week begins a time of feast, friends and family for many. We asked Birmingham-area residents, What has been a memorable Thanksgiving?

Tiffany Nabors

Tiffany Nabors: “Last year’s Thanksgiving is definitely one that I will cherish forever. My mother passed away after Thanksgiving (in March) of this year and that made it my last Thanksgiving with her. Like always, she cooked a spread and everything was delicious and our whole family came over and we smiled and took selfies . . . I will always cherish my last Thanksgiving with her.”

Meredith Montgomery

Meredith Montgomery: “The most memorable Thanksgivings were when I was in elementary school and both of my grandparents were still alive and we were all at my mom’s house . . . everyone was together from both my mom’s and my dad’s side of the family and I would play football with my brother and my boy cousins.”

Carmen Williams

Carmen Lanos-Williams: “I get a chance to host Thanksgiving and usually there are about 20 to 25 people and we have a program at my school, Arkansas State University, where we invite international students to come and share in an American tradition . . . we’ve had students from Korea, China, Africa and Brazil and [to have] them experience American cooking for the first time and during a holiday like Thanksgiving is a big deal. They really appreciate it.”

Cherisse Branch

Cherisse Jones-Branch: “Just being with my family and helping to prepare our meal and fighting over who is going to get the last slice of sweet potato pie and then over who cleans the kitchen when we get done eating . . . then sleeping after all of that are some of my fondest memories.”