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Jeffco Delivers Assistance to City of Fairfield

Jefferson County Commission President Pro-tem Lashunda Scales is joined by Frederick L. Hamilton, Director of Jefferson County Office of Community Services and Workforce Development, as she delivered a status report on several projects to Fairfield Mayor Eddie Penny and the City Council. (Provided Photo)
Office of Jefferson County Commission District 1

Fire station renovations, new sidewalks and millions in street repairs on are the way to the city of Fairfield through ongoing partnerships with Jefferson County, according to the office of Commission President Pro-tem Lashunda Scales.

Scales, whose district includes Fairfield, on Monday, delivered a status report to Mayor Eddie Penny and the Fairfield City Council.

“It is essential that residents and city leaders of know that they are not forgotten and that the Jefferson County Commission is in complete partnership with them as we work together to strengthen Fairfield and restore its vitality,” Scales said. “We are going continue to work hard for you all and make sure that we do right by the city of Fairfield.”

Scales cited several ongoing and pending projects. The county is set to spend $250,000 for major renovations to Fire Station #2, said Scales. Schematic drawings are set to be submitted to the city officials shortly.

Additionally, the commission in June awarded a $57,920 contract to Coston Contractors to install sidewalks from 60th Street to 58th Street, a residential neighborhood. The total sidewalk project cost is $170,000 to include construction, engineering and program delivery.

The commission in February assumed the responsibility to maintain the city’s three major roadways, Valley Road, Aaron Aronov Drive and Rutledge Drive, at no cost to the city of Fairfield. Aaron Aronov Drive reconstruction project will be the most expensive, possibly topping $1 million. Paving and road projects are being designed and budgeted for the County’s 2020 budget. Work is set to begin this fall.

Meanwhile, repairs and patching to several other roads are scheduled to begin later this month. The patching will be funded by a $50,000 county infrastructure grant. In an 80/20 county grant match, Jefferson County contributed $40,000 (80 percent) while Fairfield provided $10,000 (20 percent) toward this project sponsored by Scales.

Penny and council members lauded the growing partnership between the city and county.

“She’s been a tremendous asset to this city and we are just looking forward to continuing to work with her,” he said.

Penny said residents have named improved infrastructure and enhanced public safety as their main concerns. The county is working to partner to address both, he said.

On July 4, Scales will present the “Jazz in the Park” musical series to Fairfield’s historic Miles College. The event is from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. and free and open to the public.

“We want to take a holistic approach when it comes to revitalizing the City of Fairfield,” Scales said. “Cultural arts go hand-in-hand with our progressive efforts. Today, we are restoring the vibrancy that made Fairfield a hometown destination for families and businesses.”

Scales said that more development likely on the way to the city on property owned by U.S. Steel, four acres on Aaron Aronov Drive.

“You’re going to delighted that a minority developer has purchased the property that you talked about,” she said, adding that the project would bring 30 new jobs to the city.