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Compiled by Erica Wright

We asked Birmingham-area residents, How has the coronavirus changed your personal or professional life?

Richard Cribbs: “It has definitely made grocery shopping a lot more difficult [and] it has caused my [property] business where I work to really get our sanitation up and up our awareness of everything. I like that people are more aware of sanitation and healthcare because it’s important.”

Donna Dowling: “It’s been general isolation from normal, daily activities with the restriction of going to stores, going out to dinner, entertainment, limited visitation with family and friends. On the professional side, there’s still isolation from co-workers, and your clients and meetings. My job is still operating and running full steam but we’re doing it remotely.

Henry Ford: “Things I would normally do like go to see my doctor, get my medicine twice a week and go to therapy once every week, I haven’t really been able to do that. I still get my medicine because the hospital will send it to me but my appointments have been put off and I haven’t been able to go to physical therapy. Shopping is okay, but some things might be out . . . so now I have to go to several more stores than usual.”

Tiffany Williams: “I’ve been given off from work and I’ve taken this time to relax and enjoy my family . . . we’ve amped it up a bit just using [bleach] and disinfectant a little bit more than usual. I’m a teacher so education comes first and I’ve been spending more time one-on-one with my son and that’s something I’ve been desiring to do anyway . . . cultivate and encourage a self-sufficient learning environment for him at home.”