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Compiled by Erica Wright

Given recent events in the city and nation, how do you see the future of the country?

Latasha Parks: “I believe in The Messiah so if the people can check their heart and get that straight, especially those who are in government and in politics, those in the judicial system [there can be change] . . . if the people’s heart who are administering the law are not right, nothing is ever going to change.”

Jenny-Rebecca Lewis: “I feel like we’re really [letting] out a lot of our underlying trauma and problems . . . we’ve held it for so long that it is just coming out in all sorts of anger . . . even though it’s not something I would choose.”

Patrick J. Brewster: “. . . until people are held accountable for their actions, we’re going to always see the things that we’ve been seeing here recently. People are going to always riot or tear things up because we want to be treated equally and until that happens, what is going on now is going to continue.”

Joshua Finley: “I see the future as being more polarized . . . We live in too much of a divisive time to talk and even think right and just be sincere. Ignorance is everywhere and people feed off of that… By polarized I mean people are going to go into their own bubbles and have their own agendas even more . . . people find reasons to separate themselves and be in their own worlds.”