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Compiled by Haley Wilson

We asked Birmingham-area residents, What’s a summer vacation from your childhood that you remember fondly?

SHEA DORIETY: “We always went to Pensacola Beach, and my dad would take me out there on a little blow up tire and filled it up with air, and I would ride the waves, and end up with a mouthful of sand and salt, but it was fun. We probably went from the time I was five until I was about 12.”

EMILY SARVIS: “My little brother raced BMX when we were growing up so we used to travel to Nationals in Philadelphia. We all packed in the car . . . we went to Hershey Park [in Pennsylvania] and then we ended up going to my grandmother’s in Albany, New York after that . . . That was probably the best vacation ever.”

JACQUELINE COCKRELL: “I remember vividly trips to Selma, Alabama, where my father’s family originated from. We would spend an entire summer down there on the farm fishing in catfish ponds and hunting.”

SAMANTHA TORCH: “My most memorable summer vacation was last summer during quarantine. My mom, my dad and I rented a Airbnb on a horse farm in Tennessee. It was like the previous home of some country star, who I don’t remember, and their family. We brought our dog, and we hung out by the pool and rode ATVs and four wheelers.”