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Compiled By Haley Wilson

We asked Birmingham-area residents, What is a positive from 2021 that can brought into 2022?

ASHLEY JONES: “Even though there was so much going on in the world, I believe the biggest positive I saw is humanity. There were so many people looking out for other people. Whether that was calling and checking on your neighbor, raising money for nurses or giving away masks… I hope that can be something we as a society continue in the future.”

LYNN WARREN: “The pandemic really woke us up to a lot of things . . . like working from home for example. A lot of people said they have enjoyed [working from home], and some companies are even permanently taking that route. It’s refreshing to see that some of the ‘traditional’ norms won’t be necessary anymore in 2022.”

LAURIE HICKS: “I feel like a lot of relationships were fixed. When the pandemic hit it forced us to deal with our families and friends. So naturally a lot of people may have built healthier relationships from having to spend so much time with each other. The opposite could be said as well, but I believe most people have experienced some type of fix.”

CLINT ISOM: “The focus on mental health. I think for a while mental health has been a taboo thing to talk about. But everyone has gone through so much in the past year and there was simply no way of ignoring mental health anymore. Workplaces are taking the time to implement new rules and regulations to allow people to stay healthy mentally and physically.”