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Why Passengers May Not Recognize BHM by The World Games 2022


Here are some of the improvements being made at Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport ahead of The World Games 2022, July 7-17 in Birmingham, AL

Baggage Handling Software$800,000

A new Baggage Source Message (BSM) system will allow users to view historical information about system performance as well as information about passengers, bags and flights. Information obtained from the new system can be used to identify problem areas, performance issues, and baggage trends.

Jet Bridge Refurbishment$629,000

All passenger loading bridges will be refreshed with new carpeting and fresh paint to better enhance the passenger experience when arriving and departing their respective aircraft.

Airfield Marking Improvements$431,000

Airfield markings are used to provide situational awareness for airport users operating on the airfield, assist personnel operating on the airfield to identify critical airfield locations while maneuvering at the airport and meets federal requirements. Markings also enhance overall appearance of the airport.

Terminal Seating Upgrades—$1,700,000

All terminal seating will be replaced to optimize passenger comfort and capacity. This will also include the installation of in-seat charging stations to allow passengers greater access to recharge mobile devices.

Parking Deck Elevator Modernization—$800,000

The parking deck elevators are to be modernized with new cab replacements which will allow a more pleasant and efficient parking deck experience.

Wi-Fi/Cell Service Enhancements—$1,551,000

New Wi-Fi and Cell Phone transmitters will be installed throughout the terminal to increase cellular and wireless ranges. This will provide passengers with increased mobile access all the way from entrance in the terminal to departure on their flight.

Electrical Lighting Upgrades—$490,000

Terminal Apron Lighting LED Upgrades

Lighted Crosswalks on Lower and Upper Levels

Parking Fixtures LED Upgrades

Air Cargo Apron Lighting LED Upgrades

Signage Upgrades—$648,000

Airport Entrance Roadway Signage, Overhead Signs

Airport Entrance Roadway Signage, Small Sign

Airport Entrance Roadway Art Rehab.

Parking Deck Wayfinding Design

Terminal (Terrazzo) Floor—$442,000

Repair, seal and polish terrazzo flooring throughout the upper and lower levels of the terminal

Restroom Renovations—$631,000

Perform minor renovations and deep cleaning of all terminal restrooms. Modifications to the restrooms include relocating light fixtures, installing additional paper towel, dispensers, installing new soap dispensers, replacing mirrors and repairing tile as needed.

Landscaping and Pruning—$43,000

Includes major pruning and removal of debris along Messer Airport Highway

Curbside Painting—$85,000

Exterior improvements that include upper and lower level curbside painting, lower upper speed bump replacement and pressure wash

Total Airport Improvements—$8,250,000

Source: Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport.