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Drew: Packing to Stay Safe When Traveling

By Samuetta Hill Drew

It is extremely important that some prior thought goes into your packing plans. You want to be prepared no matter your travel destination. It begins with checking the weather of your destination site during the duration of your stay.
Once the weather has been determined, you can pack accordingly. Another wise precautionary step is to pack clothing items that will help you blend in with the local people of your destination city, state, region or country. This helps prevent you from being taken advantage of because your clothing screams “tourist!”
It is vitally important to research local customs and dress codes, especially when visiting religious and sacred sites abroad. Your goal is not to be offensive or disregard any local traditions or beliefs.
In general, try to dress conservatively and do your best to look like a local. Remember citizens of very poor countries typically consider all Americans as being rich.
Another good idea is to pack a travel safety kit. Obviously, your travel safety kit should be customized to yours and your family’s needs as well as where and when you are going. The basic items for consideration are:
• prescription medication
• sunscreen
• insect repellent
• bandages
• hand sanitizer
• antibiotic ointment
• over-the counter medicines for diarrhea, headache, motion sickness and allergies.
You may want to visit the Pack Smart list from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for a more comprehensive list of additional items to pack.
Consider a medical alert device if you have a medical condition that puts you at risk of a fall, fainting, or any condition that could leave you unable to call for help. A medical alert pendant could be an answer, as well as your lifesaver, especially if you are traveling far away from home. If you already have a medical alert device, talk to your provider before leaving to make sure it will work when you are traveling.
Well, you are almost ready to walk out of the house to start your vacation. There are just a few more safety tips worth sharing with you so you can help Keep an Eye on Safety. Stay on the lookout for the next few safety articles. They too will be filled with essential safety travel information.