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Is Online Education Right For You?


IsonliNAPSA – Today’s jobs require more training and education than in the past. In fact, a recent study by the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce anticipates that more than 65 percent of the 55 million American jobs generated by 2020 will require training beyond high school.
Many working professionals who want to take the next step in their careers are turning to online degree programs. Online education helps students take control of their education while giving them the flexibility to handle other commitments. It gives students an opportunity to learn on their own time, within their own schedules, without having to pull back from their responsibilities.
“Students today are looking for degree programs that fit into their already-busy lifestyle,” said Dr. Greg Washington, provost and vice president of campus operations at American InterContinental University (AIU). “An online education offers students a better learning experience by working on their schedule.”
Working adults who are balancing a job and family often choose online education because going back to a traditional campus isn’t practical for them. According to a report from the National Center for Education Statistics, only 29 percent of undergraduates these days are what’s considered “traditional” full-time students of standard college age enrolled in four-year public or nonprofit colleges.
Online education continues to evolve, making it even easier for students to make the most of their time. “At AIU, we recently introduced new technology, called intellipath, to give students a more customized learning approach. The platform assesses and identifies students’ current understanding of a topic and creates a ‘personalized learning map’ that includes lessons and course content tailored to meet each student’s individual needs,” added Washington.
When looking into an online education, students should consider what option best fits their lifestyle.
Here are a few key tips to help you select an online degree program.
•  Personalized learning: If you’re looking for a more efficient online education program, consider a personalized approach. For example, AIU’s intellipath uses adaptive learning so students can skip over what they already know and focus their time on what they need to learn. Lessons, course material and interactive learning are tailored to each student’s needs.
•  Access anytime, anywhere: Learn on your own time. Look for content you can access anytime from any web-enabled device. You’ll be able to study without the restrictions of a traditional classroom.
•  Multiple format options: Every student learns differently. Make sure your program delivers course material in multiple formats so you can read, listen to or watch content, or create a mixture of formats that work best for your learning style.
•  Individualized support: Courses taught by industry specialists give you access to real-world perspective – important for today’s career paths. Before committing to a program, review the faculty, and look for an online university that’s accredited.
For more information about selecting an online education, visit www.aiuniv.edu.
An adaptive learning platform lets students learn on their own time and skip over what they already know.

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