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Black Head of Southern Baptists Rev. Fred Luter At Odds with ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star


Rev. LuterTaken from Eurweb.com
You may or may not be aware that a Black man, Rev. Fred Luter, is head of the overwhelmingly white Southern Baptist Convention. For the record, he’s the organization’s first ever Black president.
It should come as no surprise that Rev. Luter is down with Phil Robertson‘s biblical views on homosexuality but parts ways with the  “Duck Dynasty” patriarch’s memory of race relations before the Civil Rights movement.
As we reported, Robertson, in a GQ magazine interview, said that in his Louisiana youth he picked cotton with African-Americans and never saw “the mistreatment of any Black person,” adding that they were “singing and happy” and didn’t complain about white people.
Obviously that’s not the reality of millions of Blacks in Louisiana, including Rev. Luter who grew up in New Orleans. He flat out says back in the day in Louisiana there was nothing happy about segregation or “being hung in a tree because of your race.” He adds that Blacks were definitely complaining, if not to Robertson.
But as we said up top, Luter defends Robertson’s quotation of a Bible passage that calls homosexual acts sinful. The pastor says he didn’t consider those remarks hateful.
Fans of “Duck Dynasty” have rallied to support Robertson after the A&E network put him on indefinite “hiatus” from the reality show.

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