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Eric felt pride in his family when Ridge made strides to get along better with Rick. Liam confronted Katie about her feelings for Ridge and attempted to convince her to act on them. Ridge assigned Carter a very important task outside of the usual Forrester Creations business. Donna confessed to Brooke about her re-emergence of feelings for an ex-lover. Despite Brooke’s persistence and honorable intentions, Katie was reluctant to grant her sister a considerable favor.  Quinn joyfully used Bill’s feelings for Brooke and disdain for Ridge to get under his skin. Still unsure about Quinn’s ulterior motives, Hope attempted to get more information from Wyatt about his mother. Ridge explained his history with Brooke to Maya and Carter. Liam reminded Katie that time was of the essence to let Ridge know that she wants to pursue a relationship with him. Katie thought that she would be hypocritical if she were to act on her feelings for her former brother-in-law. Rick put his past resentment towards Ridge aside for the sake of Brooke’s happiness. Bill contemplated making a grand gesture towards Brooke as a means to win her back. Katie was forced to come to terms with the sacrifice that she’s making in the name of family and honor.  Ridge voiced his gratitude for the current blessings in his life: love, his relationships and forgiveness. Liam became the voice of reason when Bill made threats to do something that he would later regret. Feeling that he had lost Brooke forever, Bill drowned his sorrows in a large bottle of scotch. Katie was given a pretty intense wakeup call about just how much she has fallen for Ridge. Brooke was determined to find out the reason behind Katie’s recent actions.
THIS WEEK: Donna makes a bold move when she plants a passionate kiss on an unsuspecting recipient. Bill is surprised to have found solace from his heartbreak in an unlikely source.

Theresa shocked Daniel by demanding that he sleep with her! Someone caught EJ and Abigail having a private conversation. Hope and Aiden started to warm up to each other – until Ciara inadvertently made things worse. Abigail informed Sami that she and EJ share a secret. A mysterious figure spied on Rafe and Jordan. JJ defeated Theresa once and for all. Jennifer took another step in moving on from Daniel. Nicole took a drastic step to ensure her future with Eric.  Later, Marlena grew suspicious of Nicole. Abigail confessed to EJ she can’t just walk away from him. Sonny and Gabi got into a heated fight when he accused her of throwing Kate and Sami under the bus. JJ finally admitted the truth to Jennifer! Sparks flew once again as Abigail fought to hang on to EJ. Brady and Eric had a bitter encounter. Brady later drowned his sorrows with Theresa.  Daniel defended Nicole to Marlena.
THIS WEEK: Someone’s watching Rafe and Jordan. Brady drowns his sorrows with Theresa.

It’s the night of Valentine’s Day in Port Charles. Duke’s attempt to reconcile with Anna over their conflicting work ethics led to a passionate solution. Things heated up during Molly and TJ’s study-date, but she wanted to make their first time together a special moment. After Sonny warned Ava she had better not be double-crossing him, she and Morgan had planned a clandestine evening together. Meanwhile, Britt’s fairy tale romance might be about to crumble into pieces when Liz threatened her. Nikolas had the ultimate Valentine’s Day surprise for Britt, despite the confession she knew she must make. Liz grappled with feelings for her true love. Meanwhile, Franco fought for his life. When Patrick found out why Robin had been distancing herself from him and Emma, he gave her an ultimatum. Dante and Lulu were thrown for a loop. Felix wondered if he and Brad were on the same page. Morgan had a warning for Lucas about Julian’s true nature. As the feud between The Corinthos and The Jeromes heated up, the loyalty between Julian and Ava is severely tested. Unbeknownst to Robin, Patrick intended to take their predicament to Anna.  A confused Liz sought out advice for her quandary with Nikolas. An enamored Nikolas dismissed Britt’s concerns about Baby Ben. Lulu had plenty to worry about, including the whereabouts of her missing father.  Lucy realized she hadn’t seen her lover, Scott, since he went to the Institute to talk to Heather. An unexpected visitor put Nikolas in a compromising position. While Anna got to the bottom of the missing Luke and Scott, Tracy couldn’t help but notice Lucy’s keen interest in the situation. Just as Robin and Patrick thought they had a solution to their problem, an uninvited Victor showed up with a revelation of his own. An emboldened Liz hoped Nikolas would see things her way. Lulu was happy for Dante but had difficulty hiding her true feelings. Robin’s incredulous announcement left Emma in tears and Patrick bereft. Kiki lied to Michael about Franco and nearly destroyed his relationship with Morgan. She went to Silas and poured out her romantic woes. Sam was surprised then touched when Julian showed her a caring side of himself.
THIS WEEK: TJ hopes Molly is ready for his news about getting them a hotel room. Olivia wants to give sage advice to the young couple, but will they listen?

As the Gala got underway, Lily told Kelly that she arranged a blind date for her. When Lily described the man, Kelly mistakenly thought it’s Jack. Kelly chatted with Jack but told him she wasn’t looking for romance. A man named James introduced himself as Kelly’s blind date and Kelly realized the mistake she made and she apologized to Jack. Hilary took note of Kelly and Jack’s chemistry and was hit with a bit of jealousy. Stitch told Dylan that his wife had started divorce proceedings.  Chloe was surprised to see Chelsea at the benefit but asked her to stay. Nick and Sharon arrived with Faith who was excited to see that Summer had arrived as well.  Tyler took a phone call from Mariah and agreed to meet with her.  Colin told Cane that he didn’t think it would be long before everyone realized he has turned over a new leaf. Meanwhile, Lauren confronted Jill about her relationship with Colin. Jack convinced Chelsea to stick around for the auction. Tyler admitted to an upset Abby that he went to see Mariah. Sharon had another encounter with Cassie and asked if she’s seeing her because of the secret she’s keeping from Nick. Nick found Sharon and offered to bring her back home after he saw that she’s clearly shaken up. At the coffee house, Sharon admitted to Nick that she saw Cassie again. Nick wanted her to move up her next therapy appointment and vowed to help her through this. Across town, Avery and Dylan enjoyed a romantic evening together and celebrated their happiness without having to sneak around or worry about their pasts. Meanwhile, Ian found Summer at Crimson Lights with Faith and realized they’re Nikki’s grandchildren.
THIS WEEK: Summer tells Ian that she is ready for his help and agrees to a meeting with him.  Nick insists on staying at Sharon’s for the night.


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