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Nene Leakes Shades Cynthia Bailey and Kenya Moore On ‘The Real’


nene660_0By Eurweb.com

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star and OG NeNe Leakes stopped by “The Real” to get real about some of her co-stars.
It’s no secret, in fact, it’s worldly knowledge Leakes doesn’t like Kenya Moore and Cynthia Bailey. She opened up about her feelings towards the ladies … once again.
Loni Love, in particular, asked Leakes if she patched up old wounds with Bailey yet. And she replied with a simple, “NO!”
Leakes added, “No, we have not kissed and made up and uh…. Although, I’ve tried. I think when you guys watch the show this season you’ll see a lot of things that happened. I felt like last season when we ended I was kind of being blamed. So I think this season you guys may see a different type of girl, that girl.”
Adrienne Bailon asked Leakes about the shade that happens even when the cameras aren’t rolling and shared a tweet Leakes sent out who many believe to be about Moore, “have you ever met a person that truly wanted to be you? Never met them. It’s actually sad.”
“I have actually met some people that, you know, want to be you. You know what I mean? They just all of a sudden… they start posing like you, they start using the language you use, you know what I mean?”
She added, “they start taking pictures like you take ‘em and start hanging out with the people you used to hang out with. You know, and start trying to use your glam people. You be like, “Okay so… I know you really want to be me but girl bye.”
As for it being about Moore, Leakes responded with a lack of knowledge who she is, “Who?!?!” Bailon took that as a yes answer.
Leakes added, “well you know what? I generally don’t talk about her because she recently, you know… Nobody was talking about her a few years ago. And so now, you know, I know this is a blessing that we are all speaking her name today.”
Season seven of the reality series premieres on Sunday, Nov. 9, at 8 p.m. on BRAVO.


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