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The Art of Networking



By Chris Ruffin

Partying, road tripping and attending campus events are a few benefits of attending a college or university. For most students that’s what college is all about, but there are a few students that feel that there is more to college than partying and road tripping. Some students live for the art of networking, for they know that networking can open numerous doors for them. Brandon Cohill, a senior majoring in nuclear technology medicine at the University of Alabama at Birmingham sat down with the Birmingham Times to discuss his thoughts on networking. “Networking is building a community within your certain field. You have to figure out ways to build bridges amongst any type of community where find yourself being successful,” Cohill said. Joining organizations is a great way to network, but Cohill is already on top of that. In his four tenure at UAB he has been involved with several organizations: Undergraduate Student Government Association, UAB’s Orientation Leaders, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. and more organizations. , Cohill is currently reaching higher dimensions in his career field by completing clinicals at St. Vincent’s East and will be shadowing in six hospitals around the city of Birmingham. Cohill is graduating on April 30, 2016.


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