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Study Examines How to Reduce Dementia, Alzheimer’s Risk in African Americans

Holly Gainer UAB News Research shows African Americans are more than twice as likely than other populations to be diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Despite...

Soul Purpose: Seniors With Strong Reasons To Live, Often Live Stronger

 By Judith Graham Kaiser Health News After making it through the maelstrom of middle age, many adults find themselves approaching older age wondering “what will give...

Lag In Brain Donation Hampers Understanding Of Dementia In Blacks

By Anna Gorman Kaiser Health News Dorothy and Levi Reeves stand in their Oakland, Calif., home, holding their wedding photo from 57 years ago. Dorothy Reeves agreed...

Alzheimer’s of Central Alabama marks 25th year of service

This year marks Alzheimer’s of Central Alabama 25th year of providing education, services, advocacy and research for caregivers and patients living in the 21...