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On Engineering Track, Onesimus Collins Invests in the Future of Birmingham

By Tatiana Eaves In October of 2021 Birmingham had already received rainfall well above the annual average, the highest rate since 1979. This contributed to...

How National Wildlife Federation is Building Back Better in Birmingham

Rebeca Villegas   As communities across the nation tackle and prepare for climate change impacts, Members of Congress are currently negotiating on important pieces of legislation,...

The National Wildlife Federation Continues to Invest in Birmingham Youth

By Simone Lightfoot and Jacqueline Gray Miller  It’s that time of year again when Build UP students prepare for their summer green work experience with...

All Look to Birmingham for Flooding Best Practices

Jessica Ordóñez-Lancet National Wildlife Federation While many may look to the Dutch as the masters of flood control and innovative design in flood defense, experts in...

A Green Balance

By Jacqueline Gray Miller Balance is not something you find. Balance is something you create. Thomasine “TC” Jackson and Yohance Owens both use this approach...