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The 14th Annual Fiesta puts Hispanic cultures on center stage


Photos by Stephonia Taylor Mclinn

Dayanara Contrears with her costume dress.
Dayanara Contrears with her costume dress.

The 14th Annual Fiesta, Alabama’s largest celebration of Hispanic culture and heritage, was held at Linn Park in Birmingham on Saturday. Oct. 1.

The goal of annual the Fiesta is to educate the public about the many different Hispanic countries and their cultures through the best of art, music, food and dance.

Fiesta gave Alabamians an opportunity to experience the best of Latin American countries with more than 20 countries representing their people, music, art, food, culture and experience. It showcases that Birmingham is a community that encourages multiculturalism, sensitivity and acceptance.

Fiesta has proven to be an excellent resource for the Hispanic community. Not-for-profit organizations attend Fiesta to educate attendees about the benefits and resources they offer. Businesses were also on hand to enlighten attendees about their many goods, services and employment opportunities. The Health & Wellness Village worked to assess the community’s medical needs and provide educational materials and professional assistance.

Fiesta offered a wide assortment of activities, from storytelling to wrestling exhibitions. Music, dance, performing arts, visual arts, children’s activities, soccer, cultural education, authentic Latin food as well as community and health-related resources are all part of the event.


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