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Compiled by Erica Wright

We asked Birmingham-area residents, What’s your favorite way to spend time with family and/or friends?

Bernadette Edwards: “We love to ride four wheelers down in the country. I’m from Butler, Alabama, which is the country and that’s what we do down there. It’s a lot of fun and riding together just brings me a lot of joy because it’s a way for all of us to bond and still have fun.”

Jamie Parris: “We have a huge deck out on my backyard and I love just sitting back there talking and hanging out. It’s beside a creek and it’s just peaceful and comfortable and relaxing and I love to sit out there with my friends or family and just eat, drink, talk, or whatever else we’re doing at that time.”

Rolonda Williams: “Traveling. It gives us the opportunity to explore things and places that we don’t normally explore or see every day. It also gives us an opportunity to just bond and learn a little bit more about each other. We’ve been to Florida, Texas, Nevada, Hawaii, Mexico and Canada.”

Becky Lyle: “Eating [together], like eating at the dinner table with them when I go visit my granny’s house. I don’t live near my family any more so when I get to go home to Huntsville and visit them, it’s nice to just have a home cooked meal and catch up.”