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Birmingham Water Works Launches #BillBetter Campaign to Improve Billing



Birmingham Water Works (BWW) announced Thursday the launch of its #BillBetter initiative, aimed at addressing billing and customer care issues and restoring trust and confidence in the utility’s services. #BillBetter will focus on educating customers on reporting issues, making payment arrangements, seeking financial assistance, and continuing to be transparent.

The Billing and Customer Service Departments will be instrumental in the #BillBetter initiative. BWWB will be increasing the number of agents on their teams to address any billing concerns you may have. The additional team members will be instrumental in helping customers identify the root cause of any higher-than-normal bills, resolve any leak issues, and connect you with utility assistance if necessary.

“Bill Better is our pledge to restore trust and provide the quality service customers deserve. We are investing in our infrastructure, enhancing customer care, and implementing new technologies to ensure the best possible customer experience,” said Michael Johnson, General Manager of BWWB. “We want customers to know that we have heard their concerns and are committed to proactively resolving any issues they may encounter.”

BWW’s commitment to its people-oriented mission is reflected in their #BillBetter initiative. This program focuses on reinvesting in the community’s infrastructure, educating customers on reporting issues and making payment arrangements. It also aims to educate customers on BWW’s efficient and effective response to customer care issues, steps taken to improve billing infrastructure, and communication paths to resolve billing issues.

“With #BillBetter, we guarantee transparent billing, prompt issue resolution, proactive monitoring, customer education, regular updates, and continuous improvement,” said Johnson. “We pledge to provide clear, concise, and easy-to-understand billing statements, ensure our customers have the necessary information to manage their accounts effectively, work swiftly and diligently to investigate and resolve billing discrepancies or concerns, monitor billing systems and processes for potential issues and implement improvements to prevent billing discrepancies before they impact our customers.”

Additionally, #BillBetter will educate the public on BWW’s billing process and empower them with water conservation tips, promote leak prevention and detection, highlight its HomeServe program, educate customers on the calculation of their bills, and promote electronic payment options. Additionally, the HomeServe program is designed to provide coverage that can protect you from the expense and inconvenience of home repairs. For more information about #BillBetter, visit www.birminghamwaterworks.com or contact BWW Customer Service at (205) 244-4000. About Birmingham Water Works:

Founded in 1951, Birmingham Water Works (BWW ) serves nearly 770,000 people in Jefferson, Shelby, Blount, St. Clair, and Walker counties. The BWWB operates four filtration plants, a certified testing laboratory, and has more than 4,000 miles of pipe in its distribution network; it ranked among the top five water systems in the United States. For more information about the Birmingham Water Works Board, media inquiries, or tours of our museum, please call 205-244-4000 or visit www.bwwb.org