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A Quest to Know God

Ms. Henrietta Tripp
Ms. Henrietta Tripp

For many of the busy church attendants, the Holy Spirit is foreign to them, and that is because He is never mentioned. Did you not know there is no church without the Holy Spirit, for He is the foundation?  Did you not know that Jesus sent His disciples out and they did mighty works, yes, in Luke 9:1-2, 6, and 11, Jesus gave them power and authority over all devils and to cure disease, and sent them to preach the Kingdom of God, and they went through the cities preaching the Gospel and healing everywhere. If the disciples did mighty works, because Jesus sent them, what is wrong with the church today, which has the Holy Spirit living in its mortal bodies?  The disciples did not have the Holy Spirit living in them. Do we have a Holy Spirit filled church or what?
Isaiah saw the church’s state and called her to awaken, she was no longer under the bondage as she was in Egypt. He saw the state that the church is in today, and that is dead to the Holy Spirit. Most churches have not the power of the Holy Spirit of which birthed the church, is it that most people have not been born into the church or is it that they are just being baptized with water, which I understand many are told all they have to do is be baptized. What has gone wrong in the Body of Christ?  Did you not read in John 3:1-10, where Jesus had a conversation with Nicodemus, the well-learned prestigious one?  Born again is not what you think nor can you reason nor fathom.  THE PERSON OF THE HOLY SPIRIT- DOES THE WORK IN AND THROUGH GOD’S PEOPLE TODAY. He does His work apart from your thinking. Your part is to accept Jesus as your Savior, and He will do the work in your heart.
There were many false teachers in the past who perverted the Word of God, and they still do today. You must read God’s Word for yourself, and seek out those who study the King James Versions of the Holy Scriptures. You may see in I Corinthians 15:20-50 where the writer teaches about resurrection. He specifically calls your attention to the 34th verse, which says, “Awake to righteousness, and sin not; some have not the knowledge of God, and I speak this to your shame.” The writer is speaking to shame God’s people in regards to their twisted thinking. They are not being led by the Holy Spirit. You may read what Peter wrote in II Peter 3:14-18 in regards to those who do not understand the Scriptures, and twist it to say what they want it to say, and these are those who do not love the Lord enough to pray for understanding and, seek for knowledge through study, meditation and prayer. The Lord is good and His mercy endures forever, but He is soon to come and bring a closure to this present age. Will you be ready?


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