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Book NewsaBy Esther Callens

Terry McMillan has returned with yet another in- your-face lively cast of characters in her upcoming novel. Who Asked You, her eighth tome, is set to hit retail on September 17th. Fast-paced, pure drama, peppered with just the right amount of humor, Who Asked You is just what the doctor ordered when it comes to dealing with the everyday stress that family can bring. It is wonderful!
It is known that Terry McMillan has the gift of writing profound novels that tell it like it is. Getting To Happy, Waiting To Exhale and How Stella Got Her Groove Back are just a few of her titles that have earned her the number 1 New York Times Bestselling author. This tradition is set to continue with her latest as she touches on topics such as addictions, illness, homosexuality and few others that family can sometimes set on your doorstep.
Betty Jean is the family matriarch who is caring for her terminally ill husband while working in the hotel room service industry. Although, she can soon retire, a storm has hit that will likely unsettle her plans. Betty Jean has the task of raising her two young grandsons since her daughter is on drugs again. Dexter, Betty Jean’s son, has moved back home since he got out of prison with his own agenda.
With so much happening Betty Jean could use some help but she knows it will not be coming from her oldest son, Quentin or her middle class sisters Venetia and Arlene. Quentin is a doctor who detests the hood and everything it represents. He occupies his free time by succumbing to numerous failed marriages to Caucasian women. Venetia just spews biblical notations while Arlene is conceited.  The only thing they offer are opinions that are not needed.
Addressing all the elements that are found in today’s society, Who Asked You presents the perfect story of loving the hardest people you’ll ever encounter – family.
NAACP Image Award Winner Terry McMillan will be in Birmingham, Ala. at the Books-A-Million in Brookwood Village on October 4th.