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“Reigning Noble Women” Celebrate 42 Years of History


The Alpha Rho Chapter of Rho Nu Tau Sorority (PNT), a professional service sorority originating at Miles College, celebrated 42 years of community service and achievement during Founders Day at the downtown Birmingham, Summit Club. The Founder’s Day Committee with Laura P. Watson, chairperson, and Mary Gaines, Gladys Williams, Jeffery Lynne Holman, and Barbara Grant organized a festive celebration luncheon with over 100 friends, family, and supporter present.
A prolific history of Rho Nu Tau Sorority (PNT) was revisited by guest presenter and former Milean, Gladys McGhee.  She told of a young visionary, Jean Chandler who established Club Rho Nu consisting of aspiring women of distinction on Miles College campus. Later, 13 of these aspiring women diligently pursued and accomplished their vision to transform a college club into a sorority devoted to service and sisterhood.  As a result, Rho Nu Tau Sorority (PNT) earned the distinction of uniquely being the first African-American sorority to be incorporated in the state of Alabama.
During the celebration, special moments of PNT presented by Gladys Williams were informing and inspiring to all. The mission of Rho Nu Tau given by Barbara Grant and Betty W. Brown presented all of the sisters to guests. Sean Watson (DJSW1), son of Laura Watson serenaded everyone with classic, contemporary jazz. Perfectly choreographed liturgical dances performed by Jasmine Watters, granddaughter of Royslyn Watters were enjoyed by everyone. The President of the Birmingham Alumni Association and Vice President of the National Alumni, Joe Young accepted the thousand dollar scholarship on behalf of the Miles College Scholarship Fund to be awarded to a worthy student in the fall. Expressions of appreciation for the many friends and family supporters came from the Anti-Basileus, Mary Gaines on behalf of Basileus, Veronica Blair. The celebration culminated with a moving rendition of the hymn by all sorors present including: Theresa Thomas, Helen Toney, Rosemary Hailey, Synetta Allen, Beverly Richardson, Royslyn Watters, Laura Watson, Jeffery Lynne Holman, Lue Ruth Colvin, Ellarea Reynolds, Thelma Boston, and Earnestine Fair.


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