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Evelyn was concerned when she saw Celia getting chummy with Colby and advised her to keep her distance. Pete lamented to Jane that he wished Celia would attend the auction with him. Billy Clyde injected himself into the conversation when he advised Pete not to give up on Celia. Miranda was feeling like the fifth wheel when it came to AJ and Heather, but Zach convinced her to buy a new dress and go to the gala, anyway. Lea tried to justify busting Jesse to Zach. David and Jesse got into an argument about what’s best for Angie and Cassandra. Things got so heated that David told Jesse that Cassandra had an abortion. At the hospital, Angie consoled Cassandra who was wracked with guilt over the abortion. Jesse arrived and Angie confided to him that Cassandra was afraid that Jesse would turn against her for this. Jesse let Angie know he resigned from the department in order to get the charges against him dropped. Miranda was grateful that Zach was so supportive and she was excited to see Bianca as soon as possible.

THIS WEEK: David is the object of JR’s wrath. Celia thinks that things are beginning to unravel.

Hope watched with delight and flattery when Wyatt and Liam verbally and physically sparred over her. Liam became irate when Hope and Wyatt confirmed that they have kissed on several occasions, and she has even seen him naked.  Katie surprised Bill when she told him that she hasn’t completely ruled out a possible reconciliation with him.  Bill and Brooke were unknowingly under the watchful eye of Katie. With Katie looking on, Bill and Brooke came close to giving her exactly what she had been anticipating.  After hearing the seemingly genuine profession of love for his wife, Donna urged Katie to reconcile with Bill.  When Hope reminded Liam that she has more options than him, he asked her why she still stays with him.  Bill overruled Liam’s decision to kick Wyatt out of the Spencer house with a single text. Despite his acknowledgement of having feelings for her, Hope assured Wyatt that she will marry Liam.  Hope insisted that as long as they are in her life, Liam and Wyatt must get along.  Not convinced that Bill and Brooke no longer have feelings for each other, Katie set them up for another test…with an added ingredient.  Being rejected once again by Katie, Bill was encouraged by Brooke to not give up on his marriage. Katie was pleasantly surprised when Bill unknowingly passed one of the two tests that she set up for him.  After observing Bill and Brooke, Katie began to consider taking Bill back. Knowing how Caroline had been manipulative in the past, Maya grew concerned about how close Rick has been working with her.  From their basement offices, Thomas and Thorne conspired to oust Rick as president of Forrester Creations. Thomas and Thorne went to Eric with a proposition about taking over Forrester Creations because Rick was slacking in his presidential duties.  Maya, Carter and Rafael hosted an exclusive screening of the premiere of Room8.

THIS WEEK: Bill is blindsided when Katie tells him that she is ready to forgive him and that she will not be filing for divorce.  Brooke and Donna take off to Monte Carlo to publicize Brooke’s Bedroom.

Kristen found herself trapped as Eric and Daniel insisted on speaking with the woman who “accidentally” destroyed the evidence from Eric’s hotel room. Nicole caught up with Rafe, who questioned her feelings for Eric. She later had a warning for Daniel. Jennifer realized she couldn’t risk losing Daniel and made a surprising move to save her relationship. Theresa gained a new ally. Marge confronted Sami in her jail cell, shaking her up.  Later, Justin gave EJ and Sami some good news regarding her case.  Eric was shocked when Kristen informed him of Nicole’s secret affair with Brady. Brady advised Nicole to come clean with Eric about her feelings. Kristen freaked out when Father Matt made a special request. Jennifer and Daniel reunited – but not in the way Daniel thought. Theresa shamelessly flirted with Nick, mistakenly believing he’s a wealthy stock broker.  JJ fumed at the sight. EJ and Sami celebrated after learning the judge had granted a court order to exhume Bernardi’s body.  But their joy was short-lived when Marge dropped a major bombshell. Nicole allowed Eric to believe an unflattering lie in order to cover up her feelings for him. Nicole and Kristen clashed when Nicole learned Kristen will be working with Eric at the church. Marlena went ballistic when she learned Brady and Kristen are back together. After a tense encounter with Justin, Adrienne feared her marriage may be over. Rafe confided in Kate that he fears he might never walk again.  Kate privately worked with Kayla to help Rafe. As Cameron and Abigail grew closer, Chad met with a specialist to find out if he truly does have a brain tumor. Marlena and Kristen had a heated argument – which led to Marlena physically attacking her rival! Sami gave Sonny advice about Adrienne while Will urged EJ to save his mom.  EJ came up with a new plan to clear Sami. Chad finally learned whether or not he has a brain tumor.

THIS WEEK: Eric receives some shocking info. Chad gets long-awaited news on his health.

Luke continued to search for a cure and discovered that all trails lead to a Mr. Jacks in Australia.  After hypnosis with Kevin, Alexis recounted the night Sam was conceived, and she told Sam the name of her father.  Scott bargained for Lucy to get more money for Deception in exchange for promising to vote with Tracy regarding ELQ.  Ava warned Silas to stay away from Kiki.  Alexis crossed paths with Derek – and felt a twinge of déjà-vu.   Derek agreed to run a front page story to try and find a donor for Danny.  However, Connie decided to trump the donor story and moved forward with her breaking news front page story.  When Sonny offered to help her build a new magazine, Connie regretted her decision to go behind his back with the front page story.  A.J. and Liz considered spending the night together.  When Morgan told Kiki he loves her, he couldn’t help but notice she didn’t return the sentiment.  After some prodding, Kiki finally told Morgan that she loves him.  As the sun rose, Port Charles awoke to the front page news story.  Connie told Sonny she went against his wishes and ran the story.  Sonny blew up at Connie, who defended herself, opening a rift between the two.  AJ awakened with Liz, but their bliss was fleeting as the front page story changed everything along with Tracy informing A.J. that his leadership of ELQ is at an end because of Connie.  A.J. was livid.  Ava tried to withhold the DNA test results from Silas – but she was not successful. AJ went after Connie for publishing the story.  A.J. backed Connie into a wall screaming at her – when in walked Sonny.  Ava was stunned to discover the front page story.  Michael realized how the front page story will change everything – and affect everyone in his life.   Sam was upset that Derek went back on his word and didn’t put the bone marrow drive on the front page.

THIS WEEK: Silas confronts Ava for the truth. The truth about Obrecht is revealed.

When  a drunken Clint caused a ruckus at Shelter and punches the doorman there, the police were called in and the doorman insisted that Bo arrest Clint. This happened despite Matthew and Cutter’s efforts to defuse the situation. Nikki got under Cutter’s skin when she teased him about having a crush on Natalie. Nikki was up to more mischief when she gave Shelter’s doorman some cocaine for his swollen lip. Destiny and Jeffrey kissed in secret. Jack got an earful from Dorian about her breakup with David. Jack was sympathetic and tried to raise her spirits by taking her out for a jog. Viki was called to the loft by Bo and Nora who are trying to get Clint to sleep it off. Viki refused to take Clint back, and Clint made things worse when he shoved Nora, which prompted Bo to take Clint into police custody. Arturo was impressed by Dani’s apartment until she told him that Todd pays for it. Dani had to admit that this was Todd’s way to try to get her to forgive him. Dani wanted to kiss Arturo, but he told her he prepared another time and place. Todd broke the news to Blair that he was being forced to leave town by people who have Victor and are threatening the lives of Todd’s friends and family.

THIS WEEK: Natalie lashes out at Cutter when she finds out Clint cooled his heels in the slammer. Michelle is stunned when she finds out Matthew is a daddy and Destiny is the child’s mother.

Sharon snuck into Phyllis’ room and begged for her to wake up while hoping that she wouldn’t remember her secret.  Nick told Avery that he thought Summer and Daniel were right to want to send Phyllis out of town to recover.  Jack bid a heartfelt goodbye to Phyllis and told her that he’ll be waiting for her no matter how long it takes. Melanie went to see Paul and told him that she wants to press charges against Adam for rape.  When Paul questioned why Melanie has taken so long to come forward, she told him that she wouldn’t be able to live with herself if Adam harms someone else.  Later, Paul placed Adam under arrest for rape as Melanie watched from a booth. Michael got a call that Fen had been arrested for stealing drugs. Fen denied stealing drugs from the hospital cart, but the security camera footage proved otherwise. Chelsea told Victoria to stop blackmailing her with the truth about the baby.  Noah visited Sharon and questioned if she is off her medication.  Sharon tried to assure Noah that she was fine.   Adam admitted to having sex with Melanie but denied raping her.  Adam asked Paul to have Melanie come in and accuse him to his face.  Leslie arrived and told Adam not to talk as she’ll be acting as his lawyer.  She had him consent to Paul’s DNA sample.  Dylan asked their doctor how early the baby will be if Chelsea goes into labor.  Chelsea panicked and considered telling Dylan everything.  While Dylan was out finding the doctor, Chloe told Chelsea that she shouldn’t tell Dylan anything.  Later, Dylan told Chelsea that she wants to get married before the baby is born.  Victor summoned Noah and Summer to the ranch house.  Summer worried Victor was trying to stake his claim because he didn’t want an Abbott in the family, and that’s what she’s now since everyone knows that Jack’s her father.  Victor reminded her that she’s still a Newman.  Noah and Lily figured out that Tyler spent the night with Abby. Hilary commented that it’s a shame that Lily and Tyler don’t work together anymore, because they did an amazing job on the new Jabot campaign.

THIS WEEK: When Lily is snarky toward Abby for being late to a meeting, Abby asks if it’s because she is late or because she’s with Tyler.  Devon asks Abby and Lily to help convince Tyler to return to Jabot.