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A Quest to Know God

Ms. Henrietta Tripp
Ms. Henrietta Tripp
Ms. Henrietta Tripp

King Ahaz was the king of Judah, and King Pekah was king of Jerusalem, and Rezin king of Syria. King Rezin and King Pekah came against King Ahaz, but could not take Jerusalem.  King Ahaz sent messages to King Tiglathpile King of Assyria, and told him what had happened to him.  King Ahaz said, “I am your servant and your son come and save me out of the hand of the King of Syria, and out of the hand of the King of Israel – they rose up against me.”  King Ahaz took silver, gold and the treasures of Judah and sent all to the king of Assyria.  The king of Assyria went against Damascus, Jerusalem and took it, and carried the people captive.
King Ahaz paid the king of Assyria a visit, and he saw the king’s altar; King Ahaz went back to his place and gave the pattern to the priest, and told him to make an altar just like the pattern, and he did as King Ahaz said.  Ahaz then had the priest to rearrange the order of the sin altar, which Israel was told by God how to offer sacrifice to Him, but Ahaz preferred pleasing the pagan king. Who do you prefer pleasing, the Lord God of all creation or the world?
What do you see wrong with what King Ahaz did?  Some may not see anything wrong with what the king did after all – he is the king – one might be saying.  Well, let me tell you what is wrong with what he did – and the purpose he did it.  He wanted to please the king of Assyria –as opposed to pleasing God – who caused his “heart” to keep perfect timing, which sustained his life.  This is what is in the modern church-many have set God aside and added the world’s way.  Worship is not as it once was. There is NO joy.  All King Ahaz  – the king of  – Judah did was to please a worldly king – in God’s house of worship. Worldly people are rejoicing, and this action shows who the modern leaders want to please.  Just as Ahaz did so is the order of services is now, and there is no time for salvation. Those who participate in that kind of services become worldly minded, and is of no services to the Lord.  “I–WHAT ABOUT YOU – REFUSE TO ALLOW ANYONE TO DILUTE MY SACRED COMMUNION TIME WITH THE LORD – IN THE HOUSE OF GOD.”  Insincerity in your worship time with the Lord, will impede your growth in the Lord.  What is important to you – growing in the Lord or being entertained?