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A quest to know God

Ms. Henrietta Tripp
Ms. Henrietta Tripp
Ms. Henrietta Tripp

What is your price for your soul? How much value do you place on your soul and is it for sale? You may be thinking, ‘value’- ‘sale’– what is the soul and can I sell it, if I could. Well, the soul is not a commodity that you are free to sell to anyone, but God has given it to you to live as you please. The soul is your eternal spirit-man. It is you that will live for eternity. You will have an everlasting life with Jesus or with your enemy. The choice is yours; your life is yours; it is a gift from God. Yes, and you can sell your soul, and you no doubt have already, but to whom, is the question. Everyone has freedom to choose everlasting life with Jesus or spend eternity with the enemy of his soul. Now have you made your choice? Remember, your choice determines how well you value your ‘soul.’
You may see where Scripture ask you a profound question in regards to the value of your soul for it says in, Matthew 16:26, “What shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?” There is not anything in this world to compare with the value of the soul. The soul is your everlasting life; it is the knowledgeable you, and you will know at the end of this life on earth whether you are in the presence of the Lord or whether you are in your enemy’s kingdom, because if you are with your enemy, you will be burning in Hell’s fire forever and eternity. If you are with Jesus, you will be in a most glorious city made with pure gold. [Revelation 21:9-27]
Now, what will you give in exchange for your soul to spend eternity in the City of God? Is there anything you will give? I feel certain there is nothing this world can afford better than spending eternity with Jesus.
You may see in Scripture a parable that says the man was a “rich fool.” The man misplaced the value of his soul and he did not prepare for his eternal protection. You see your soul is your eternal spirit-man; it is you, and you will know you are where you are, when you get there, and that is after this life on earth. Your everlasting well-being depends on the choice you make while here on earth. The rich fool placed all his worth on material things in this life, and he felt secure in them. Luke 12:13-21 shows you the contrast between what is durable and what is not. His plan was to build bigger and better to store all his goods so he could be merry for years to come, but God said to him, “you fool”, your soul is required this night. He never thought about his life was not his. God gave him his life and entrusted him to see how well he would live it.  You see you are not living unless you are living for Jesus, because you are not your own. God made you before He made the world.  DO YOU KNOW WHEN THAT WAS?
How wonderful it is to have a choice to choose Jesus and live for Him here and now. This makes life worth living in this world.


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