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JR and Colby speculated that David had to be the one who tampered with his reel. Celia and Pete had their date interrupted by the spraying of a skunk, but were determined not to let it interfere with their kiss. Opal was alarmed at the sight of Celia and Pete together. JR and Cara struck a bargain to keep each other’s secrets. JR was relieved that Cara wouldn’t tell anyone about his use of steroids. David was fed up with JR and suggested that he was less obnoxious while he was in a coma. Zach came on to Lea and told her he wanted to be with her. Lea admitted she couldn’t stop thinking about the kiss they shared. Cara found out that Oliver’s medical tab was picked up by JR. Dr. Anders lashed out at Dixie when he thought about something from his past that was tragic.
THIS WEEK: Cara thinks it may be time to leave town. AJ rebels against JR.

While sulking over the loss of her relationship with Rick, Carter arrives to cheer Maya up. Maya comes to the conclusion that Caroline is a better match for Rick. Caroline pulls out all of the stops in order to get Rick’s mind off of Maya. As Wyatt is packing up his belongings to move out of the Spencer house, Hope pleads with him not to leave. Meanwhile, Liam attempts to reassure Bill that his initial thoughts about Wyatt are valid. As Wyatt is leaving the Spencer house, he makes a charming and tempting proposition to Hope. Wyatt returns to Quinn and humbly admits that she was right about Bill all along. Hope attempts to get Liam to change his mind about kicking Wyatt out of their home. Bill and Brooke discuss how many of their loved ones do not approve of their relationship and what they plan to do about it. Quinn is grateful to have Wyatt home again, but wishes that it was under better circumstances. Wyatt feels that his opportunity to make a name for himself at Spencer Publications has passed, as well as his chance at a romantic relationship with Hope. Brooke attempts to convince Bill to reach out to Wyatt to mend their broken relationship.  Hope comes up with an idea that she anticipates will benefit her professionally and personally.
THIS WEEK: Bill has second thoughts about Wyatt. Hope puts her plan in motion.

Brady places his future with Kristen in Eric’s hands. At the DiMera mansion, Marlena tries to get the goods on Kristen. Later, Nicole has a surprising proposal for Marlena. Sonny and Gabi argue when he realizes she slept with Nick. Gabi makes a veiled threat in order to keep him quiet. Caroline gives Nick a piece of her mind. Later, he makes mysterious plans for Gabi. As Sami prepares for her trial, Adrienne stumbles onto information that could help her case. JJ continues to spiral out of control – and lands in big trouble. Abigail tries to get Daniel to reconsider breaking things off with her mom. Stefano and Rafe face-off. Later, Kate puts Stefano on notice. Eric cannot shake his uneasy feelings about the night he got sick at the hotel. He ends up fighting with Nicole when he refuses to confide in her. Jennifer is stunned when she learns JJ has been arrested! EJ fears his manipulations will be discovered and urges Justin to move ahead quickly with Sami’s trial. Rafe sets Kate straight. Later, Kate tries to rattle Jordan’s cage. Justin confronts EJ about planting the money in Bernardi’s son’s account. Jennifer finally realizes the truth about JJ – and calls him out on all the stunts he’s pulled since coming back to Salem. Later, Daniel tries to comfort her. Theresa and Abigail get into a heated argument. Later, Theresa fears JJ will bring her down with him. Kristen has a strong reaction to Brady’s idea of them going through pre-cana with Eric.
THIS WEEK: Kate puts Stefano on notice. Theresa and Abigail get in a heated argument.

Spinelli is on the verge of spilling the beans about the baby. AJ is led to believe he’ll shortly be released, given that the police lack the weapon used to murder Connie. Meanwhile, Morgan discovers a gun hidden on the grounds of the Quartermaine estate and notifies police. Morgan becomes incensed when he realizes Kiki lied to him. Pressed by Patrick to produce a name for her baby’s father, Britt coughs up a name.  Patrick is shocked – but of course, Britt has an answer for every challenge. Patrick goes off on Britt, but is tossed from the premises by a protective Nikolas.  Elsewhere, Felix gets more than he bargained for when he demands answers about the baby’s paternity from Brad. Silas delivers news about Danny. Sam’s gratitude towards Silas results in a small kiss. Sam is completely frazzled by her kiss with Silas. She apologizes and tells him it will never happen again. Silas disagrees, there’s something else between them. Britt reveals the truth to Nikolas: she lied about Patrick being the father of her baby in order to ensnare him. Nikolas initially has little sympathy: the same thing was done to him once upon a time (re: Helena/Aidan).  Patrick interrupts a close moment between Brad and Felix. He reveals that Brad is the father of Britt’s baby. Felix feels foolish for believing Brad’s sob story and he warns Brad to stay away from him. Morgan goes to see Sonny but finds instead a sobbing Olivia. The two bond over their recent loss. Dante receives a call implying that Sonny may be at the hospital, a gunshot victim.   Olivia has a vision suggesting the whereabouts of Sonny. Diane reveals the real culprit responsible for Franco’s reign of terror. Patrick tells Emma that she won’t be getting a brother after all. At the hospital, Nikolas pressures Brad to own up to his responsibilities as the father of Britt’s child. Brad suggests that Nikolas’s vehemence originates from growing feelings for Britt.
THIS WEEK: Maxie pretends all is well for Dante and Lulu. Britt goes into labor!

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – on hiatus

Tyler and Noah run into Courtney who flirts shamelessly with Noah. Courtney lands an internship at Jabot, and Tyler invites her to come to a concert since Noah doesn’t have a date yet.  Danny Romalotti rehearses a song to sing at the memorial as old friends and family gather in the park to reminisce and honor Katherine. Danny’s face lights up when he sees Nina. Nikki tells Jill that she did a great job getting everything set and that the decorations are wonderful. As more people gather, Chloe remember Katherine telling her that she can’t fix other people and that you have to focus on yourself. Kevin tells her that he misses her and Delia. Meanwhile, Lily pushes her animosity aside to greet Amber. Nikki and Victor welcome Gina while Jill greets Brock.  Devon thinks back to when he first found out Katherine was his grandmother. Todd begins the ceremony as the rest of the guests begin to gather. Friends and family share personal memories and stories about how Katherine impacted their lives over the years. When the time comes for Jill to speak, she struggles to maintain her composure and fights through her tears as she recalls her tumultuous history with Katherine. As Jill recounts their rocky relationship, she informs everyone that somehow through it all they learned how to love each other. Todd reads a favorite poem of Katherine’s while everyone lays a flower near the urn and says their final goodbyes. As the ceremony concludes, Jill and Nikki sit together and laugh over how well they managed to get along. Nick and Avery decide that the park would be a perfect place to get married. Meanwhile, Paul reads Katherine’s letter and takes her advice to heart. Adam accuses Victor of having him followed and planting a recording device in his house. Victoria asks Victor what Adam has up his sleeve.
THIS WEEK: Adam tells Jack that Victor bugged his office and is having him followed. Victor realizes that losing Adam as a business partner could also mean losing him as a son.