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The Government Shutdown: A Young Man's Perspective


letterBy Darryl Sanders

During the recent government shutdown, I learned that Congress had one key duty in the Constitution, which was to pass spending bills that fund the government. The failure to fund the government as appropriate, resulted in non-funding for most functions of the agencies, such as paying out small businesses and processing request for passports. In the midst of the government coming to a halt, Congress was still being paid while thousands were off from work during the shutdown.
So we ask the question “what was the hold up?” The reply to that question was, the House of Representatives insisted on a new spending bill that included the provisions to either, chip away, derail, or just defund the Obamacare Heath Plan. With deeper investigation, it shows the health care law is not directly tied into the funding of the government. I believe it’s just selfishness at an all time high.
Recently, President Obama signed a bill into law that allowed the shutdown to come to an end. As demonstrated by the Republicans over the last several weeks, it would appear they are against the Obamacare Health Plan and wants nothing to do with it.


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