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All Got StuckBut striking a place where two seas met, they ran the ship aground; and the prow stuck fast and remained immovable, but the stern was being broken up by the violence of the waves. Acts 27:41

I read an article today written by an Intensive Care Nurse about the way people suffer when on the ICU unit. She explained how often the treatment given is just a prolonging of the inevitable. There are times when someone in the family will say “do what it takes to save them” and the doctors follow the directive and then other times when a family member says “let them go” and the doctors won’t. I found the article interesting because it’s somewhat like that in the lives of people that say or believe they are healthy. There are times when some things are inevitable, you cannot avoid them. Death is one of them but not just physical death but also relationship death, emotional death, financial death and spiritual death. Unfortunately, too many people are listening to others rather than make a decision for themselves leading everyone to be stuck together.

The small and great are there, And the servant is free from his master. Job 3:19
In order to be free, you must be willing to make a concrete decision  about what you want to do in life and let others know. In medicine, a Living Will will address this issue and in life sometimes you need to write down your wishes, likes or dislikes for others to understand and respect your position. If you don’t make what you want clear, you will find yourself stuck in a place of hopelessness. A place you don’t want to be and are very unhappy with. Don’t get stuck in a place you don’t want to be or doing something you don’t want to do. SPEAK UP FOR YOURSELF and be free.

It’s your life – not theirs,
Minister Deidra Bibb

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