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Character Contents (conclusion)


Electra Adamsby Electra Adams

Years ago when I was a teenager, a commercial was run on the television which portrayed a Native American Indian shedding a tear as he stood gazing at the new tenants and land owners of America throwing trash from the windows of their cars. America was becoming this largely populated country who was losing her clean air, natural wild life and natural wonders that the Indians once honored and protected. The tear, though it was small and subtle, spoke volumes to the viewers’ consciousness. When I am engaged in conversation concerning the possible views of Dr. King when it comes to the condition of the Black American community, my thoughts tend to slip back to this commercial: now that the Europeans have the land of America, what now?  Where do we go now that the day he, Dr. King, saw has come and we have privileges purchased by the blood of many, even his. It brings mental despair; realizing that the times we are in places pressure on our standards, values and concerns, as it also reveals our true character contents.
Some shift the blame of our condition to slave mentality; others declare that we have abandoned our own values and cultures and stepped deeper into a nation’s system as misfits, now that our original purpose no longer exists.
Many are saddened by the fact that our young people slaughter each other in the streets of America; selling each other out and for the price of drugs, a quick dollar. Seeing our little children used as mules, realizing they have become slaves to the demon of greed. To think that precious lives were destroyed for the privilege to walk the streets at night. The new taskmaster still demands lives that he doesn’t own: this taskmaster isn’t necessarily the K.K.K.( a white man), but also a Black man, one among us.
We rose from a world (Africa) to be transplanted in a European culture: a land of religious differences and overtures; language barriers, and hate painted a different color. These are all facts, but WE no longer live on this page of America. Voodoo no longer flaunts itself as the power of the Black American. Many of us truly know the power of the Living God, His kingdom, and how it operates. We are no longer classified as just a religious people with no knowledge or understanding.
Finally, we are not afraid of the ghost of white sheets, we reverence the Holy Ghost. In Him there is no fear! So, what now! Why are we losing so many young people to the streets? Everybody is blaming Somebody. My opinion? Dr. King’s message of  Character Contents would probably continue: “We are allowing an enemy from within to do what our enemies from the outside tried to accomplish. Mothers cannot raise children in the streets, and our fathers must retire as Rolling Stones. We must take responsibility for our own actions, and become accountable for the lack of morals and discipline among and in our African American seeds. The hearts of the fathers must return to the children; mothers who do not want to be mothers, who have turned to become abusive to their seed, must return to their knees with prayer, first for themselves in repentance (Malachi 4:6) . The world is not perfect, neither are people in the church; but,  they are  God’s ordained entities for developing Christian character. Fail not the assembly of yourselves. . For we be  BRETHREN! Genesis 13: 8b )….
All said with great love. Until we meet again.
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