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Stellar Award Winning Radio Veteran, Tracy Bethea Promoted to Head of Gospel Programming


(MEMPHIS) The gospel music industry is excited about the promotion of Stellar Award winning radio announcer and WHAL 95.7 Hallelujah FM Assistant Program Director/Music Director Tracy Bethea to take the helm of Gospel Programming at Memphis’ #1 radio station. Over the last two decades, Bethea has observed and participated in the evolution of the gospel music genre from a programming perspective and has also been a catalyst to helping artists understand the unique art of programming. In her prior position, Bethea worked closely with and learned key programming strategies from her colleague and friend, Eileen Collier.

Now, Bethea has a new leadership role that will undoubtedly bring new luster to the Clear Channel Communications brand in the gospel arena. “Besides being the epitome of class, kindness and inspiration Tracy Bethea is the epitome of radio,” says Grammy Award winning artist and producer Donald Lawrence. “There are programmers and then there are programmers,” Vashawn Mitchell, a gospel artist noted for his #1 hit “Nobody Greater,” adds. “Tracy Bethea falls into the then there are programmers category.”

“The art of radio is creating palatable sound that attracts listeners to tune in,” says Cheryl Jackson, Midday Host at WPRS Praise 104.1 FM in Washington, D.C. “This is Tracy Bethea! Her voice tone and love of community mixed with experience and knowledge of this format makes her an ultimate professional in the business.” Neily Dickerson of the ND co. agrees and adds that  “Tracy’s preserving the sound of gospel music” and artist Ricky Dillard (Currently #1 with his hit “Amazing”) simply calls Bethea an innovator.

Bethea has become adept at juggling her professional position with her love of traveling and her private roles as a wife, daughter and active member of New Olivet Baptist Church. “She was one of the first announcers to play my music,” gospel legend Kurt Carr says. “We’ve both grown significantly over the years, but her professional and kindness have been unwavering. She’s by far one of the best in the business.” That’s worth a hallelujah!


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