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A Quest to Know God

Ms. Henrietta Tripp
Ms. Henrietta Tripp
Ms. Henrietta Tripp

Salvation is the first step to enter into the family of God, and this happens when you ask the Lord to forgive your sin, and come and live in your heart. If you mean what you ask the Lord, He will forgive your sin, change your heart, and give you a desire to live for Him.  Now that you belong to the Lord, the balance of your life  should consist of living a life of sanctification for the Lord. Sanctification means a life set apart or aside to be used for the Lord. [II Corinthian 6:14-18]  This Scripture teaches every Christian how to live a sanctified life unto the Lord.
The Christian life is not to be lived haphazardly, but definitely and precisely. The Lord will increase your faith and determination to live for Him. You will be encouraged to tell others about the wonderful Jesus that you know. He will increase you more and more, as you study His Word and obey the Lord’s teachings. AMEN!