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Keeping an Eye on Safety


Samuetta DrewBy Samuetta Hill Drew

Happy Safe New Year!! Can you believe it, we’re now 15 years into the new century and millennium, but some things still remain slow to change. Typically around this time of the year, most of us pledge to get more physically fit for the New Year which I believe is great! I hope everyone achieves their desired physical fitness goals, but, I also want to challenge you to get more fit as it relates to your goals toward your personal and home safety practices, as well. Let’s escalate any needed changes we may have in both areas. As I reminded you last week, they both are directly linked to our basic survival.
“Old Man Winter” usually arrives in our geographical area during the month of January. With this in mind, let’s focus our safety efforts this week on preparation for his arrival. Let us begin by…

1)  Checking the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your home. They should be changed at least once annually. Unfortunately, only one third of Americans have the latter device. If you are not included in this number, please purchase one. Rationale: Many people during extreme cold weather will use space heaters, fireplaces and/or generators/candles (if there is a loss of power). These detectors can help save lives, in case of a fire.
2)  Make sure you have a working flashlight in strategic locations throughout your home. For example, you may wish to have one underneath each bed in your home. If your home has multiple levels, make sure you have one located on each level including your basement. Remember, flashlight batteries should be check regularly also. Make sure you have some extra batteries on hand. Like the old saying goes “it is better to have and not need, than to need and not have. Rationale: Inclement winter weather often includes power outages in our area.
3)  Don’t run your car inside a garage attached to your home. This practice is somewhat common on cold winter days.  Rationale: You place you and your family at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning with this practice.

These are simple practical tips which can be easily implemented.  So, let’s start pumping it up this year and get serious about Keeping an Eye on our Personal and Home Safety.