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IT Innovation is Creating Career Opportunities


IT Innovators (NAPSI)—Technology is a driving force in today’s economy, powering innovation and creating jobs. The rapid adoption of cloud computing, mobility, social media and other innovations has accelerated the importance of technology in the workplace—and the need for information technology (IT) technicians.
Desktop support has long been one of the most fundamental jobs in all of IT. However, what was once a reactive job—waiting for the phone to ring or an e-mail to arrive summoning you to fix a broken PC—has evolved into a proactive position that’s far more critical to day-to-day business operations.
More Than Maintenance
Technology “maintenance” is much more sophisticated in 2015 than it was 20, 10 or even two years ago. Today, it involves supporting handheld devices (iPads and Androids), rolling out software to thousands of computers and conducting server migrations. Today’s IT technicians get hands-on experience and insight into fast-changing technologies, including cloud computing, cyber security, data analysis, mobility and telecommunications.
There remains in some corners a misperception that the majority of IT support jobs have been shipped overseas. The reality is that in many organizations, there are new, more significant opportunities for technicians. And the IT technician’s role remains the best, first step someone can take to launch a career in technology.
Knowledge Workers
Today’s engineers and technologists are knowledge workers, possessing a unique combination of skills that can’t be easily outsourced or delegated.
With IT departments becoming more closely integrated with other lines of business, the technical knowledge and skills employed by IT technicians are something that can’t be delivered efficiently or effectively over the phone from a call center.
Is It Right For You?
If you have an interest in technology, along with the ability to solve problems and possess strong people skills, you may be a candidate for a career change and step into a job as an IT technician with a minimal amount of training—either in a classroom, online or through self-study.
One way to tell if you have the aptitude is the CompTIA IT Fundamentals certification. This professional credential is available through CompTIA, the nonprofit association for the IT industry. The exam covers five categories: software, hardware, security, networking and basic IT literacy.
Earning a credential from an organization well known and widely respected for its certification program demonstrates to prospective employers that you’re ready to enter the IT workforce. It can also serve as a springboard to more advanced IT skills certifications and set the stage for new career opportunities and advancement.
To learn more, visit http://certification.comptia.org/getCertified/certifications/compatia-it-fundamentals.