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Unarmed 15 year old Boy Shot in the Back


photo: Jamar Nicholson’s mother, Jamar Nicholson, John W. Harris of Harris & Associates Law firm, (standing in the back) Herbert Hayden of Harris & Associates, Jason Huerta and mother at the press conference.

Unarmed 15 year old Boy Shot in the Back

A $20 million lawsuit has been filed against the City of Los Angeles on behalf of two teenagers accosted and arrested by Los Angeles Police officers in South L.A. last February. One of the youths was shot in the back, the bullet barely missing his vital organs and spine.
John W. Harris of Harris and Associates, attorney for Jamar Nicholson (the shooting victim) and Jason Huerta, two of the four teenage boys who were congregating in the alley near Florence and 10th Avenue, told reporters who gathered at the scene of the shooting, “On February 10, 2015 at approximately 7:45 a.m., Harris’ clients and the two other boys, who were also students at the Luskin Academy, congregated in an alleyway as they had done so many times before. After listening to music, the boys began to put on their school uniforms and take the short walk to their school only blocks away.”
Harris went on to say, “Without any warning whatsoever, two plain-clothed LAPD detectives came from around the corner shooting randomly and recklessly at all of them with a clear intent to kill.”
He disputed LAPD claims that it was about a toy gun that officers saw and mistook for a real firearm. “One boy had a toy gun in his possession but had not used it in a threatening manner,” Harris explained. “This is not about a toy or replica gun as LAPD has spun this incident. This is about failure to properly train or follow proper procedures when using deadly force.”
Nicholson, who underwent surgery February 28th, attended the news conference, as did Huerta along with their family members, and many supporters.


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