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Q & A Session, Birmingham’s Q Dot Davis Starting Career off Positively


By Ariel Worthy


It seems as if Birmingham will have a star on the rise. Not a local star, but one whose name the country will know.

Quincy Davis, who goes by Q Dot Davis, is definitely on the rise. Opening for Curren$y, Waka Flocka Flame, Kevin Gates, Ace Hood, Nappy Roots, 3 6 Mafia, it is obvious that Davis is on his way to the top.

“It’s cool to connect with artists that I’ve grown up on,” Davis told the Birmingham Times, “and I get to share the stage with them on the same night, it’s cool.”

Davis has performed at A3C Festival, Atlanta’s version of SXSW.

How did you get started with music?: I’ve been on the promotional side of it for about 12 years now. It started out with just clubs, and with that I would run across artists that they would bring to the clubs and I’d stick around to meet them. I had a interest in it. After I got done with college football (at Cumberland University and MInot University in North Dakota) I moved back to Birmingham and started recording. I started mingling with those crowds again, and I kind of fell into it. It wasn’t something I did as a child, but it’s something i grew to love.

What inspires you musically?: Life. It is such a relief to just get on a track and express things that are going on that you might not want to talk about with anybody, but you go on a beat and express it. It’s the ultimate relief to let it out. Life definitely inspires all the work I do.

If you had to pick another passion other than music, what would it be?: I like to connect people, so I’d be in some area of business that would allow me to connect people.

So if you weren’t doing music, what would you be doing?: I’d probably still be doing sports. I also played baseball, and at one point I held the state record for number of stolen bases. So I always thought I’d get back into baseball, but music is going well for me.

Why do you think music is important?: One thing it does is connects people and emotions. If I’m in a bad mood, I find a song that might bring back that mood that I’m looking for. No one can say that’s not true.

What is the most important instrument to you?: The Drums. It’s what i listen to for a beat.

How would you say football and music are similar?: There’s always going to be competition to be in the “top spot.” You have to be focus on what you’re doing to get to a higher level.

Who are some of the local artists you have worked with?: IV Profen and Shaquille DeAndre. They’re on my LOE label, Loyalty Over Everything, and I’ve also worked with a good friend of mine, Benjamin Jonez, 3SE is also a label here in town.

What is your favorite piece of work that you have done?: My first song put on iTunes. it was about real life stuff that happened to me. i was able to create something that people related to. It’s called, “Thought We Was Gon Ride.”

How would you describe your music?: It is rap, if you have to put a label on it, but i like to blend all types of music. I don’t really corner it into a genre.

So where can people find your work? They can find me on social media, of course. They can also find me on Reverbnation.com/qdotdavis

Search for Davis on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram under Q Dot Davis.