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Charlie Sheen To Reportedly Disclose HIV Status On ‘The Today Show’




We’re having a hard time deciding whether this is a surprise or not…

According to TMZ, Charlie Sheen is reportedly set to reveal his HIV positive status on Tuesday’s Today Show.

Via a brand new press release from NBC, we know Charlie’s appearance will allow him to make a “revealing personal announcement,” during an interview with Matt Lauer. This comes hours after sites like the National Enquirer started circulating a story that Charlie has had the virus for years, all while keeping it a secret from the public.

Charlie has lived an intense life, basically mirroring his character on the hit show Two & a Half Men. Known for engaging in drugs, drink, and plenty of women – including that of the porn star variety – Charlie became the subject of a myriad amount of media attention back in 2011 thanks to his viral quotes like “WINNING” and “I got tiger blood, man.” However, his fall from grace began when he insulted the award-winning show’s producer and was promptly fired. Sheen has been relatively quiet since.

Check back as the story develops on Charlie Sheen’s supposed diagnosis.

SOURCE: Complex, TMZ, National Enquirer | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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