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Work Schedule, ‘Fiery Personalities’ Led to Halle & Olivier Split



Now that Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez have confirmed they are splitting after two years of marriage, PEOPLE is examining what went wrong in their relationship, with a source telling the publication that “clashing priorities and headstrong temperaments ultimately doomed the pair.”

“They have had many issues,” a source close to the couple tells PEOPLE. “They both have fiery personalities and don’t like to compromise. Halle has threatened to file for divorce several times after arguments.”

Despite rumors of infidelity on both sides, the breaking point and the primary issue between the couple, was allegedly their living situation. According to the source, after Martinez and a pregnant Berry married in 2013, their plan was to raise their family – including Berry’s daughter from a previous relationship – in Europe. But when a custody battled with Halle’s ex, and her daughter’s father, model Gabriel Aubry, anchored her in LA, the newlyweds plans changed.

The source alleges Martinez had a hard time adjusting to life in Los Angeles. “Olivier never loved living in L.A. full-time. [He] just isn’t happy in L.A.”

Meanwhile, another source who knows the couple says Martinez’s temper was a constant source for tension.

“He has a violent temper,” the source told PEOPLE this summer. “[Friends say] he has an out of control hair-trigger temper.”

Oliver also took issue with Halle’s work schedule – perhaps jealous that she was working more than him, or perhaps because he truly wanted her to settle down and raise their kids – he and Berry often clashed over how to balance family life with work.

“Olivier is complaining that he and Halle are not spending much time together and that she is working too much,” said the initial source. “He never wanted her to sign on for [CBS’s Extant] and Olivier was hoping they would focus on family time together after Maceo was born.”

With Berry on the road to promote her acting career, and Martinez at home feigning loneliness (allegedly), the bickering and distance eventually forced them to call it quits, as the source tells PEOPLE:

“They are both aware that they have difficult personalities and have tried to stay in the marriage by not living together. Many times, Halle [had] been staying at the Malibu house and Olivier at the Chateau Marmont. They are much better when they don’t spent too much time together,” said the first source close to the couple.




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