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There comes a time when one must take a stand on the principles of God’s Word, that is if you want to truthfully honor the Kingdom of God, because there is no other way to let the world know who and what you believe in. If you are a leader over God’s people, surely you must know that it is imperative that your stand is on the Word of God. If there is an issue against God’s Word, the leader should take a stand for the Word of God, and everyone who believes the Word of God. We are not talking about what the law says or does not say, because whoever wrote the law against the foundation of the Law, then that person or persons’ patriotism should be question. AMEN!

I believe in Jesus and all He says in the Word of God; now where did your belief come from, and what are you basing it on. Did you not know this country/America was founded on God believing emigrants, and by the way, we all are emigrants.

America was founded upon the principles in the Word of God, and it is reflected in every institution that was built during its inception; recent years someone got a smart idea that we should change everything; tell me how can that be? You new kids on the block surely cannot change God’s program, and if allowed to do so, you are asking for tremendous devastation, as we are beginning to see. AMEN!

This is God’s world; He made it and everything therein. Man’s inventions came from God, but man has distorted all the good God has given him; let us all bow before God Almighty and repent for all our ugliness and sin. AMEN!













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