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Leaving myself feeling all burned up




New Year’s Resolutions. Many of us made them, but as we reach the end of yet another month, I must ask, “Are you still on track to accomplish the goals that were important to you only a few months ago? Is your intentionality as concentrated today as it was in January or at the end of last year?” I must be completely honest. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, in just this short period of time, I had forgotten one thing I promised God as last year was ending.

Let’s go back…

I love attending church on New Year’s Eve. There’s just something about hearing the pastor’s declaration over the year ahead. In an even greater way, leaving the past problems, hurts, disappointments, and mistakes, in the past, is like exhaling as you start anew! During our church’s service, my pastor challenged us to do two things: 1) burn the very thing that could hold you back from achieving your goals, and 2) be bold enough to write your dream on paper and place it on our “Dream Wall.” As my husband and I were leaving church that night, I was focused. My goal was simple. To reach the flaming barrel, at the front of the church. I knew what was holding me back and I was committed to burning it up. As I made my way toward the fire, I took a final look at my small piece of paper before tossing it into the flame. The two-letter word that was about to be burned up was….ME.

I willingly threw “me” into the flames.

In order to fulfill my purpose and be everything God has called me to be, I had to get rid of “me.” My way of thinking. My desire for comfort. My ease in following. My contentment without expectation. My voice as the voice of reason. And I willingly let go…that night. But as the days in the new year progressed, my daily routine did not seem all that new. There was still more work than hours. More “honey did you’s” that had not been done. More practices, productions, and parties for the kids. And more “to do’s” than were earthly possible for one individual to do. Once again, I was trying to do everything, but all the while, I was feeling tired, overwhelmed, and to tell the truth, a little bit frustrated.

Then one day, I was passing the front of our church when God stopped me in my tracks. He gently asked, “Did you forget?” “Forget what?” I said with just a hint of negative temperament. “That you are all burned up.” I paused. In that second, I relived the moment I threw “me” into the barrel of flames. At that point, I breathed a sigh of release. I remembered my only responsibility was to cast my cares onto my Father because He cares for me. Carrying the weight of the world was no longer an option. After all, I was all burned up which could only lead to a total reliance on the Father.

You see, I am the only one who can keep me from achieving the dreams God has placed in my heart. That’s why I chose to be all burned up. Scripture tells us, “With less of you, there is more of God and His rule.” Satan intentionally keeps us busy, creates distractions, and uses the irrelevant things of this world to divert our attention. He creates undue stress in our lives, making us believe we must be all things to all people. He knows as long as he can keep us preoccupied, we will never accomplish anything of significance.

So I ask again, “Where are you in achieving your goals for this year?” If you are still on track, I applaud you. If you are not, let this be your friendly reminder to refocus. Don’t allow another day to pass without doing something that gets you one step closer to your destiny.

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