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Living According to Your Faith



For years, I was told to “name it and claim it” or “believe and receive” and for years, I did those very things. The result…absolutely nothing. I didn’t get anything and I didn’t understand it. I went through the Bible, found a scripture, and I BELIEVED! I would see other people with new cars and I would CLAIM IT. I mean why not. God’s not a respecter of persons…right? After coming up empty handed time and time again, I began to question the validity of the common church jargon or at least I accepted it didn’t work for me.  Maybe that “respecter of persons” thing was simply church lingo too.

Recently, I heard a pastor say something very interesting. “You get to choose how much God will bless you.” Without any effort, my mind immediately went back in time. “Over twenty years ago, someone told me something very similar, but it didn’t work,” is what my flesh was saying. But before another thought emerged, the pastor backed it up with scripture.

According to your faith….

Four words that pack a power punch!

We hear faith and talk faith, but do we really understand faith? Do we understand that our faith is the mode that moves the hand of God? Do we understand that faith is the vehicle that can change the trajectory of our lives? Can our minds even conceive what happens when our faith connects with His will?

But faith is a verb. It requires action!

Operating by faith requires us to do the very thing “man” tells us can’t be done. Operating by faith causes us to take steps that don’t make sense to “man.” Operating by faith allows us to be at peace in the face of what would drive others crazy.


I love Hebrews 11! It charts the faith of several men and women of God. It also gives us a glimpse of what their faith led them to do. I’m sure their naysayers thought they were foolish, but faith got the last laugh.

By faith, Noah built an ark before rain came into existence.

By faith, Abraham left a place of comfort with no idea of where he was going.

By faith, the prostitute Rahab hid the spies, knowing she was risking her very own life.

I believe in my heart that even today someone is being called to be the next Noah, Abraham, or Rahab. Someone is being called to do something that is only possible with God. If that’s you remember this…the God we serve is not a respecter of person (Romans 2:11), but He is a respecter of faith. I challenge you to acknowledge Him in all your ways and allow Him to direct your path. And when He speaks, act. Matthew 9:29 concludes by saying, “According to your faith let it be done to you.” That promise should be reassuring to us all.

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