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Are you glad some people didn’t cross your path during your B.C. days? You know what I mean. The days before you met Christ. The days when your maturity level was not where it is today. The days when you almost ran out of “new mercies.” The days when people would push your buttons and your response was…let’s just say, ungodly. Those days when you didn’t where bracelets asking What Would Jesus Do nor ones that said God Is Bigger. If truth be told, if they got a “piece” of your mind back in those days, they better be glad that’s all they got!

I love the example Jesus sets for us when it comes to handling trying situations. Many times throughout the Bible as people made false accusations, even hurled insults at Him, Jesus made no reply. He said absolutely nothing! In one passage, it says, “But Jesus made no response to any of the charges, much to the governor’s surprise” (Matthew 27:14).

How often do we take this approach? (I know…He’s still working on me too.) Jesus understood that His reaction to the ways of the world would one day be a roadmap for you and me. Whether we like it or not, our lives are a stage and many have taken a front row seat to see how we, as believers, will handle life’s ups and downs. The ups, they gently nod. The downs…they sit on the edge of their seats anxiously waiting to see our reaction. Waiting when you have been lied on.  Waiting when the promised promotion never materializes. Waiting when the spouse is caught cheating. Waiting when the diagnosis is unfavorable. Waiting when God does not hasten to answer your prayer. The world waits….

Today, I challenge you to be like Jesus and leave them in shock. Allow your silence to reveal that you understand “the battle is not yours.”  Allow your silence to reveal that “greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.” Believe it or not, your silence often speaks louder than any words that could be uttered from your mouth.

Remember, on this stage, you are the leading actor. Jesus is the writer and director. He has already shown you what to do and He knows what happens in the final scene.

And now, it’s TAKE ONE.

On the script, your only line is…(SILENCE).

Ready….Lights. Camera. Action.

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