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Don’t Be Afraid To Ask


In school, I never liked asking questions and my mother knew this about me. I remember sitting at the kitchen table one afternoon with my homework in front of me. My mom asked, “Do you understand the assignment?” “Yes,” I responded. Then I sat there, staring at the paper. She came back, notice I had not started and asked the question I dreaded most, “If you didn’t understand, why didn’t you ask?”

As I thought about the vowel “I”, I began to wonder why, even as adults, we chose not to “I”nquire. Is it because we want people to think we have it all together? Is it because waiting on an answer from God may take too long? Is it because technology has led us to believe we can “google” anything? I had a teacher once tell me, “Put your thinking cap on.” Many of us still believe as long as we have our “thinking caps on” we can figure it out on our own.

A couple of years ago, my husband and I realized we had outgrown our home. We wanted a new home but with two small children, we were unsure if it was a wise financial decision. In spite of our uncertainty, we called a realtor. After discussing the pros and cons (there seemed to be more cons than we thought), we told her we needed to pray about it. We realized we were about to make a huge financial decision without inquiring of the One who is all knowing. What were we thinking??? So we went to the Word of God. That very day, my devotional included a very unfamiliar scripture. But as I read Judges 18:6, I heard God say, “Go in peace, your journey has my approval.”

When we think about Rebekah in the Bible, we often remember her as the mother who favored one son over the other; but, even before Jacob and Esau were born, Rebekah was concerned because she felt her children struggling in her womb. And what did she do? She inquired of the Lord. Even David, the man after God’s own heart, often inquired of the Lord…shall I go, will You give me victory, is this the right time?

Inquiring for me has become more than just asking. It is my way of submissively seeking the will of my Father. It requires me to set aside my agenda and obey His will, instead of waiting (even begging) for Him to cosign on my plans. Inquiring does not guarantee an immediate response, nor does it guarantee a dissertation. Sometimes “Wait” or “Be Still” may be all you hear.

Before you make your next move, please inquire of the Lord. Knowing His will for your situation, for your life, is the only way to guarantee victory. The knowledge you gain from inquiring does not alleviate bumps along the way, but it does ensure you are on the right path…if you fully obey.

You may be asking, “Did you get the house?” Yes! He told us our journey had His approval and we believed Him. Inquiring erased the doubts we had about the timing of our decision and built our faith. The process took unexpected turns but the result of our inquiry (Judges 18:6) remained our focal point.

Next week, we will dive into the vowel “O.” This one will make you or break you!

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