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Enough with all the excuses


By Tijuana J. Williams

There are some things in life we can’t do without. Although, your list of necessities may be different from mine, one thing is certain … neither you nor I can do without vowels. Last week, we looked at the vowel “A” and how our attitudes should be a result of heart knowledge not head knowledge. Today, stay with me as we delve into the vowel “E.” “E” alone can delay you from reaching your desired end. Let’s take a look at this undesirable characteristic that is so prevalent in our world today.

“E” is for EXCUSES

Here are some of the most common excuses I’ve recently heard people give:

I don’t have time.

My money’s not right.

I’m still praying about it.

In the Book of John, fifth chapter, there was a pool in the city of Jerusalem that was known for its periodic potential to heal.  When the waters were stirred by an angel, the first person in was cured. For 38 years, a sick man had been lying by the pool…waiting. Jesus came along, noticed his position and condition and asked, “Do you want to get well?”

After being sick for 38 years, what would your answer have been?

“Yes, Lord Yes!” Forget the how, what, when, and why … “Yes Lord, Yes!” Instead of a firm, forthright answer, he replied, “No one will help me. Somebody else always gets in first.”

As I read the passage, I had to wonder if the man even heard Jesus. You know what I mean. While someone is talking, we are often more focused on our response instead of their question. The truth of the matter was his reality was being influenced by his environment and the people in it, leading him to believe there was only one way to be healed. He rationalized his situation in response to his senses. How often have we done the same?

Jesus – “Do you want to be saved?”

Answer – “Let me get myself together first.”

Jesus – “Will you comfort them? They recently went through a terrible divorce.”

Answer – “Well, that’s what happens when you don’t treat people right. What goes around comes around.”

Jesus – “Do you want the promotion?”

Answer – “The people in that department are impossible to deal with.”

I love the fact that despite the man’s unwillingness to directly answer the question, Jesus, the One who first loved us knowing we would offer excuse, after excuse, after excuse, still provided a solution. “Get up, pick up your mat, and walk.”

Furthermore, what I love is that Jesus’ solution did not involve the assistance of man and was completely contrary to the way man said it could happen. The sick man’s healing was dependent upon his faith and his actions.

Now let me ask, “How are you responding to Jesus? Is your response filled with excuses? Is your reality based on your environment and the people around you?” Today, I want you to know there is greater in store for you. Don’t place your destiny in the hands of man. Jesus can do that which is impossible for man. So next time He asks, respond from your heart and when He instructs, obey. He, alone, has the solution that will change your condition and position.

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Next week, I’ll share more about the vowel “I”. After reading it, I’m sure you will have questions.

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