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Housing Authority to hire Director of Public Safety after six shot, one killed

Michael Lundy (file)

By Monique Jones

The Birmingham Times

Michael O. Lundy, HABD president/CEO

In the aftermath of violence that left six people shot and a 20-year-old dead Sunday night in the Gate City neighborhood of East Lake, Michael O. Lundy head of the Birmingham Housing Authority announced that he will create a new position, Director of Public Safety.

“This director will lead our private security efforts, as well as work directly with the police department,” said Lundy, President and CEO of the Housing Authority Birmingham District (HABD). “We will take immediate action to fill this position.”

Advertising for the position is expected to start this week. Lundy has also announced that the Housing Authority will implement a no-guns policy.

“The housing authority serves thousands of families living in both public housing [and] in Section 8 homes. These are men, women and children who go to work and go to school each day and seek the same quality of life that we all desire,” he said. “Our goal is to protect the right to live in healthy and safe communities from being intruded upon by a few who seek to bring havoc.”

The shooting occurred Sunday night around 8:15, about an hour after the community had come together for a peace rally in nearby Lewis Park, according to Birmingham Police spokesman Sgt. Bryan Shelton.

The shooting left six victims, all of which were described by Shelton as innocent bystanders. Two of the victims have life-threatening injuries, and one, 20-year-old Bobby Clayton, was killed.

They believe that one of the victims was a teenager who had an altercation with another male. Investigators said witnesses reported seeing both men begin shooting at each other.

“The Housing Authority of the Birmingham District extends our deepest condolences to everyone affected by the violence that occurred Sunday night, especially the life lost and those injured in the shooting,” said Lundy in a statement. “We will work with the Birmingham Police Department to obtain all details about last night, as they work to make sure that those who assailed this community are held fully accountable. This effort is also a collective responsibility to be shared by all residents and neighbors, and we urge anyone who has information to come forward.”

Birmingham Police Lt. Sean Edwards said, “this calculated shooting was between individuals who had no regards for human life and unfortunately their actions resulted in someone losing their life.”

Lundy echoed that sentiment in his statement. “A day that was dedicated to promoting peace and neighborhood unity was marred by those who sought to bring senseless criminal activity to our streets, our public spaces and to our homes,” he said. “We stand firmly with our residents and the Birmingham Police Department and will not accept violence in our communities.”


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